Wednesday, December 15, 2004

To EJB or not to EJB

The background to the next article is pretty interesting - it was created solely because of reader demand! Take a look at "top ten J2EE dangers" danger # 2. Look familiar? Yup, it's the old to EJB or not to EJB question.

Check it out:

I'm especially proud of my Hamlet take-off, but then again when I was in school (high school for you state-siders) my art teacher used to hold up my paintings so that the class could have a laugh, so my creative opinions are pretty suspect... :-)

This article is even more pertinent today - large swathes of the latest J2EE specifications, in particular EJB 3.0 are all about reducing complexity - even to the extent of auto-generating a lot of the code that goes to make up an EJB.

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