Wednesday, December 15, 2004

JBoss Review

Here's a review I did on JBoss four years ago now (December 2000! doesn't seem that long...) There have been a couple of follow-on reviews since this one at theserverside - I liked David Jones' the best. It's cool to see how far JBoss has come. At the time, I had to ask Floyd Marinescu to create a section for JBoss - up until then he had regarded JBoss as not really an app server! I was a judge at the Javaworld awards this year at Java One and JBoss scooped Best Application Server award, so their star is most definitely in the ascendancy at the moment. And what with JBoss 4 and all this hoopla about AOP, they look to be still innovating.

As long as BEA and IBM insist on charging high licensing fees per CPU, JBoss will continue to wipe the floor with them in terms of market share. Interesting to see the Business Process Modelling (BPM) moves as well - I'm happy to see JBoss make money, but now when I see new technology from the group, I have to wonder is it useful technology or technology that begets maintenance and services revenue.;article_count=47

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