Thursday, October 22, 2009

Addressing book comments on previous post

I just wanted to address some of the comments posted against the previous post in a standalone post (posting my comments against previous comments inline isn't a great way for people to see replies).

A new version of the book was pushed to Rough Cuts late last week and there is another one waiting to go as well. As I understand it from Pearson, Safari are in the middle of a software upgrade at the mo, hence the tardiness in pushing updated content onto Rough Cuts.

Once, the next version of the book makes it onto Rough Cuts, I'll be happy that it represents the content for most of the chapters that you'll see in the published book, i.e. go ahead and use it to revise. The one exception is chapter nine, where I consider the content in that chapter to be the bare minimum you need to provide in part two of the exam to pass. We'll be beefing up the UML diagrams and associated English text in that chapter. So the content in chapter nine is correct, but not yet sufficient, for part two.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

SCEA study guide - progress update

We're pretty much finished with the book edits now. One chapter still looks light and that content will be finished this weekend. But we've underestimated the time the publication process takes at Pearson. Greg tells me that we're looking at late December / early January for the book to be physically on the bookshelves.

Apologies for setting expectations of mid-October in my blog posts - I didn't realise the time the publication process takes. To mitigate this publication delay, we'll be getting the Rough Cuts content updated with the latest version as soon as possible.