Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sample assignment for the SCEA exam - part two

So, as a follow-up to part one of this little series, below is the exact list of deliverables that you are required to develop for part two of the exam.

It is your task to create an architecture and design for the System under Discussion (SuD) with the given business domain model, information provided above and requirements in the use cases. The architecture must be built using the JEE platform. All deliverables will be accepted as HTML only and each diagram must be UML compliant.

1.Create a class diagram for the SuD. Public method names referenced in other UML diagrams (e.g. sequence diagrams) should be provided.

2.Create a Component diagram for the SuD showing the components used in the system and their interaction. Examples of components are EJBs, Servlets, JSPs, major POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects) and important Managers / Controllers / Design Pattern implementations.

3.Create a Deployment diagram that describes the proposed physical layout of the major tiers of the SuD.

4.Create either a Sequence or Collaboration diagram for each use case provided.

In addition to these UML deliverables, the exam requires you to:

1.List the top three risks and identify a mitigation strategy for each risk.

2.List any assumptions made during the process of coming up with the architecture and design.

Your architecture and design will be graded on how well it supports the requirements detailed in this document and on the clarity of all information provided in both textual and diagrammatic form.


prasune said...

Hi Humphrey,
I am a 4+ experienced Java/J2EE developer. I am not too familiar with the UML diagrams required in the part-2 exam. I made some of these UMLs, but not too confident on the same and not getting anyone for verification as well. Can you please share your sample assignment?

Humphrey Sheil said...

You can download a beta version of chapter nine from the relevant link on the chapter nine blog post - a fully-worked example of the SCEA part two element.


Anonymous said...

please help me to generate the skills for indentifying the classes for SUD,by giving some book references or sources available over internet