Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sample SCEA book chapter for download - web tier

In anticipation of the full book going up on Rough Cuts any day now, I wanted to share one of the chapters to get early feedback on it. The chapter I'm sharing is the third chapter focusing on the web tier portion of the exam and is still in draft status, but with the exception of the graphics needed, is more complete than not. All feedback appreciated. Link to chapter.


DavidM said...

Great to some the material coming through. I would suggest separating the answers to the questions from the question themselves - the way it is presented at present it is virtually impossible to avoid reading the answer at the same time as the question.

bobt said...

Hi Humphrey,
I talked to you after your JavaOne talk. I was the one who had just passed the upgrade.
Just checked Rough Cuts again. It's finally up

Ashish Fadnavis said...

Anonymous said...

Please help me to understand that it is necessary to learn j2ee with jee5 to qualify the SCEA5 certification.
Because i know java from version 1.5, so i,m afraid of going back and learning j2ee