Wednesday, December 15, 2004

And moving back away from Linux as a primary desktop OS!

I figured an update on my earlier post was warranted, given my failure to move away from Microsoft Windows.

My successes below still stand, but there were also some unanticipated problems. These problems included:

1. Annoying differences between the Eclipse IDE on Windows and on Linux (it is way more usable on Windows, esp. keyboard shortcuts);

2. Microsoft lock-in alive and well - I have to take my pst files with me, but they just didn't want to come. More investigation needed here, also I couldn't use Evolution or the Exchange connector because of server-side issues; and

3. Speed - subjective opinion, but I felt that the speed-up I gained in not needing Sophos or Symantec running was cancelled out by the lardiness of Gnome / KDE. Yes I'm aware of faster WMs out there, but they don't look as nice or have the same level of features.

I ran into additional issues where complex formatting in Microsoft Word documents didn't render properly in OpenOffice, problems accessing networked printers etc. - no showstoppers, but not something that I want to wrestle incessantly with either. So I'm still in dual-boot land, planning to move away from Fedora 2/3 in the near future and over to SuSE - I've read good things about it especially when used in a corporate environment. Hopefully it's more laptop-friendly too.

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