Saturday, March 27, 2010

Book - feedback so far

The book has just gone back to the printers for a second run. Apparently the first print run (a few thousand I think?) was chewed up by Amazon and direct pre-orders. It's fantastic for that many people to have the book and I really hope it helps you in preparing for the exam.

So, the feedback so far: the reviews on Amazon (both .com and are for the old book, not the new one. Amazon just copied the reviews across (the last one was written two years before the new book published).

So all I've got to go on are comments that I've received directly. Broadly speaking, reviewers fall into two camps:

1. Those who like the ~200 page guide / map to a much larger body of research material (happy);

2. Those who want / expect to find all of the revision material in one book (not so happy).

Our goal was always to write a book that did not replicate the reams of material that exist for the JEE platform. We simply saw no point in doing that. Instead, we wanted to write a book that the candidate could use to:

1. Construct a revision schedule for Part One;

2. Understand how to approach Part Two - constructing your own solution for a given business problem using the JEE platform;

3. Prepare the candidate for Part Three - defending your Part Two submission and explaining how you solution satisfies various NFRs (non-functional requirements).

Broadly speaking, I think we've hit the goals we set. There is an errata list that will be sent to the publisher for the second print and will be published here as well for the purchasers of the first run.


darya said...

I have the PDF version of the book and like the comprehensive but still very informal style you used.

My only concern is the weak quality of images you use. I don't know how it look in the print version but the electronic version is hard to read especially the images for patterns.

Anyway great job.

Drago Z Kamenov said...

Congratulations on this great book!
I wanted to comment on the poor production quality of the Kindle edition. To my amazement, it came without a table of contents, which makes it practically unusable, since this book is supposed to be used as a reference and needs to be easy to navigate. Not something I expected from Prentice Hall!

Humphrey Sheil said...

Hi Darya

I'll pass that feedback to the publisher to see if we can do anything about it - there's no innate reason why the images should be rendering poorly, I generated them in a tool that outputs almost any image type and Pearson took that input into their image manipulation team.


Humphrey Sheil said...

Hi Drago

Thanks for the positive feedback. I'll ask Pearson about the table of contents issue. I don't own a Kindle so can't see this issue for myself.


damog said...

Hi Humphrey

In chapter 9: Tackling Part2 and 3, some of the diagrams are very hard to read. Namely the class diagram and the sequence diagram for Select winning Bid, notify winnder. Would it be possible to post a larger version of these diagrams?


Debashish said...

Has the errata for the book been published anywhere? Please provide a link.

Humphrey Sheil said...

Hi Debashish

No, not yet. Nothing so wrong has been reported yet that warrants us creating an errata for the book. At some point the book will be re-branded to fit in with the Oracle look and feel and at that point we'll make minor tweaks, but there's nothing (that I'm aware of) grievously wrong in v1.0 of the book as published.