Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SCEA book publication and shipment dates

The book has gone to the printers! It comes off the press on Monday February 1st and gets to Pearson's warehouse on February 4th. From there it usually takes a week to get to Amazon (in the US). Here's the Amazon US and Amazon UK links. It's also available for the Kindle.

People who placed pre-orders for hard copy editions will receive their shipment first - shipped direct from Pearson's warehouse next week.

As far as the online edition goes, the Rough Cut disappears after the final update (which matches the printed book) and it then becomes part of the regular Safari Library and is accessible to all subscribers.

If these dates change, I'll put out another update. It will be fantastic to see the book finally out there!


damog said...

Hi Humphrey

Any chance of getting the latest version of the book up on Safari rough cuts?
The last few versions supplied on rough cuts have only been 131 pages long

Humphrey Sheil said...


I think the rough cuts period of the book is over now - Safari will be updated with the full version of the book very shortly. Physical copies of it have already been delivered in the US so should be any day now..


Andy said...

Actually, the book is still available as a rough cut on Safari Books online; I'm excited to read it!

Humphrey: I had a few questions about the SCEA:

1. Are there any guidelines or references for material it's acceptable to discuss (or details not to discuss) regarding the exam?

2. Are there statistics available on the SCEA (eg: total number of SCEAs, pass rate, etc.)?


damog said...

Hi Humphrey

Just letting you know,I passed part1 of the scea exam by using your book.
The details in your book were excellent and I didnt have to do too much extra reading on topis. The main resources i used were your book and the Whizlabs exams simulator.

Thanks again for such a good publication, looking forward to using it for parts2 and 3


Anonymous said...

Hi Humphrey,

Do you recommend any exam simulator for passing SCEA Part 1 exam?

Thank you.

Kristiyan Marinov said...


I recently read your book and find it an interesting and helpful read. I found a couple of mistakes during some of the test-yourself questions though.
Since I didn't manage to get a hold of you or Mark Cade any other way, I'll be posting my notes in this comment.

Typo 1: On page 81, question 6. The Answer says D but the explanation below it explains why C is the correct answer (which it is indeed).

Typo 2: On page 95, question 1. The Answer says C and D but the correct answers are B and C, as is given in the explanation.

Typo 3: On page 148, question 5. The Answer says B, C and F while the actual answers are B, D and F.

Thanks for the otherwise great book!


Humphrey Sheil said...

Hi Kristiyan

Thanks for the comments. These are all typos that need to go into the errata for the book. I'll reach out to the publshers to see when the next run is and also create a blog post to call out these three for other readers. Thanks!


Turbo said...

Is this book suitable for the new JEE 6 Architect Certification of Oracle?

I noticed the book is still "SCEA".

Or will there be a new book?

Humphrey Sheil said...

Hi Turbo

Chapter 9 (the worked example for part 2 of the exam) is still 100% relevant - the complexity of that assignment in the exam and the things you are tested on have not changed.

The other chapters that relate to the part one (multiple choice) are also still relevant, but they do need to be updated to reflect the new corpus (database) of questions for JEE 6. The database has been updated from 5 to 6 to reflect the new material. We'll be looking at a revision to the book over the next few months.