Thursday, November 26, 2009

Another book update (aka where is it..)

The book is still moving through pre-production at Pearson. I'm sure a good number of you will be wondering what kind of impetus can be administered to push it along and I feel the same way myself!

It looks like the book content got caught up in a major upgrade to Safari Rough Cuts that is just about sorted now. A new version has just published, but I know that it does not have the latest chapter nine content that I wrote last month. Chapter nine is a key chapter in the book, focusing as it does on the JustBuildIt scenario that I outlined at JavaOne 2009 and solves it completely. This chapter maps onto Parts II and III of the exam, where candidates download a business scenario of equal complexity and have to propose and defend a solution to it.

I'm waiting to see when this chapter will show up on Rough Cuts. If it's only a few days away, I'll write another post advising that it's there. But if the delay is going to be as long as the previous delay (essentially four - six weeks to get some content updated), then I'll publish chapter nine as a PDF file on, like the other sample chapter and the JavaOne 2008 and 2009 slides. Again, apologies for the delay - I'm pushing as hard as I can.


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know I greatly appreciate your efforts, and I am looking forward to the final release of your book.



damog said...

Hi Humphrey

I noticed the chapter on web technologies has a lot of placeholders instead of images.
Will this be fixed in the final release or should there already be a release on safari that has these images?


Humphrey Sheil said...

Hi Damien

It should already be up on Rough Cuts - i.e. the book is done, Rough Cuts are just catching up with the backlog as I understand it.