Saturday, September 12, 2009

Addressing Rough Cuts feedback received

Since the book draft has been released on Safari Rough Cuts, I've received feedback on it, both as blog comments and also directly through the Rough Cuts feedback mechanism.

Focusing on the areas of improvement that people have commented on:

1. The final version of the book is significantly longer than the rough cuts version, but it is no weighty tome either. The whole point of the book is to focus on the material that we believe is directly relevant to the JEE Architect exam, as opposed to the JEE platform itself;

2. The next version of the book contains chapter six (JEE security) which is missing from the current Rough Cuts version - that was a trade-off that we took - to get the book on Rough Cuts in order to get reader feedback, without chapter six; and

3. The next version of the book contains a completed chapter nine - a fully-worked Part Two and Three solution to an assignment (the JustBuildIt business problem) of similar complexity to the exam assignments.

Thanks for all the feedback so far - it helps us to make the book better. Unfortunately, time does not permit me to respond to feedback left anonymously, but rest assured that your comments have been read. Finally, we're still shooting for the October date to production.


Anonymous said...

It would be nice if the rough cut is updated.

G.H.C said...

Is there any way to buy your book (final version) before it starts to be sold ?

Does this book cover all the SCEA 5 Objectives ?

Thank you !

Anonymous said...

The point number 3 in your post says that "next version of the book contains a completed chapter nine". But that's not so -- its the same as in first version of rough cuts.

Humphrey Sheil said...


Not as far as I know. I'm working with Pearson to get regular updates onto Safari Rough Cuts as we update significant sections of the book though.


Humphrey Sheil said...

Hi Anonymous

You're right, chapter nine just missed it, but I've sent it to Pearson since then. I'm working to get Rough Cuts refreshed as soon as possible with chapter nine in there.


Steve said...

I noticed that the publish date is now January 08, 2010 (not Oct 2009). What's happening? When will the rough cut be close?

Humphrey Sheil said...

Hi Steve

I'm not aware of the date being pushed back, but I've just asked Pearson for an update. I hope the next update to Rouch Cuts (after the one just made) will be the last we make before publication.


Anonymous said...


Would you please advise:

If I buy the book on Rough Cuts now, will I be able to download the complete 1st edition electronic version when it becomes available in October, or will I have to buy that separately?

Much obliged,


Humphrey Sheil said...

As far as I know Jase, yes, but the Rough Cuts website has all the details on that.


Steve said...

The rough cuts page says the book will be 288 pages long. However in the latest download (which is top material) is only 116 pages.
Have you got a lot of work on your hands to complete the book or it the rough cuts page wrong?

damog said...

Hi Humphrey

Did you receive any updates from pearsons?
Has the book release date been pushed back?


Raja Sekhar said...

Hi Humphrey,

I have purchased your SCEA guide.
I finished part1 and doing part-2 now.

>What UMl tool have you used to depict UMLs shown on this book?
>Do you have any extra material for sale with you for part-2 and part-3 (other than chapter-9)?

Kind Regrads,
Raja Sekhar.

Humphrey Sheil said...

Hi Raja

I used UMLet (