Sunday, September 30, 2012

SCEA study guide errata

Thanks to Kristiyan Marinov who sent in this comment calling out three typos in the book. I figure this is interesting enough to other readers of the book currently working through the exam to re-publish the comment in full below along with my reply..

Original comment


I recently read your book and find it an interesting and helpful read. I found a couple of mistakes during some of the test-yourself questions though.
Since I didn't manage to get a hold of you or Mark Cade any other way, I'll be posting my notes in this comment.

Typo 1: On page 81, question 6. The Answer says D but the explanation below it explains why C is the correct answer (which it is indeed).

Typo 2: On page 95, question 1. The Answer says C and D but the correct answers are B and C, as is given in the explanation.

Typo 3: On page 148, question 5. The Answer says B, C and F while the actual answers are B, D and F.

Thanks for the otherwise great book!


My reply

Hi Kristiyan

Thanks for the comments. These are all typos that need to go into the errata for the book. I'll reach out to the publshers to see when the next run is and also create a blog post to call out these three for other readers. Thanks!



Anonymous said...

Awaiting more posts!

Mohan Arun L said...

I bought this book last year and enjoying the good read... Well-written, the only drawback was that it could have done with better coverage of 'sequence diagrams' - critical details of sequence diagrams were not covered, like how are synchronous and asynchronous calls represented, etc.

One other errata I noticed in page 79. Question 3 states, "what are two web service support features", but again says "Select all that apply" when it has already stated only two answers need be selected... :)