Sunday, January 23, 2011

What would you like to read about next?

I've been pondering what next to write about and thought - why not ask the readers? So here's your chance!

Turns out that most people visiting / watching this blog fall into four camps (in no order of priority):

* Want to know more about Enterprise Java architecture / software architecture in general

* Want to know more about the Oracle Certified Enterprise Architect exam for the Java platform (I'm a co-author of the study guide for this exam as well as a co-lead assessor)

* Want to know more about .NET (especially running Umbraco on Windows Azure and / or MVC 3)

* Want to know more about ecommerce tracking (measuring, then improving online conversions)

At least, that's what the web tracking software gods say! There's a great mix of visitors too from all corners of the globe, but the next post will be in english I'm afraid.

So if there's a specific topic relating to the categories above that you'd really like to see covered, drop me a note at and I'll do my best to - and may the best suggestion win!

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